Tasha and Mike here!

We hired ‘Psychic Sybella’ to fill in the time gap for our waiting guests, while the long drawn out wedding shots was taking place.
Best thing we did, I can not stress how great this was for our guests who would else have been standing around waiting until the photos were complete.
Our only regret is we did not hire ‘Sybella’ for the evening party too as guests who were not at the church ceremony did not get to meet ‘Sybella’ or receive her insightful readings.
Our advise is book her now it beats a disco.

I hired Sybella under recommendation from a friend who had met her as a wedding guest.
I was a little dubious as I thought having a Psychic was a bit out there, however, it was the best thing I did apart from marrying my beloved of course.
Sybella worked through from 7pm to 1am and also offered the option of recording the readings and then emailing them to you later.
By 1am this was a blessing due to the amount of champagne that had been consumed. I had lot of laughs from my guests listening to the voice recordings of their readings months later. Book her now!


Sybella was great at the evening party!

We received many comments on the original idea of having a Psychic at our wedding and even more on Sybella’s accuracy in her readings.
Unfortunately we had more guests then we had hired hours of ‘Sybella’ so not everyone benefited from her, as such my advice is to go the extra mile and book her past midnight which we lived to regret not doing.

Regards Des and Krystal