LogoBelow are just some of the Psychic options of having a consultation with ‘Sybella’.

Skype is a convenient way of reading for those on the go or from out of the UK. People often ask if it affects my readings? It does not; spirit are on a different vibration from us and as such can contact us anywhere at anytime awake or asleep in my country or yours. Just click on the enquiry and I will contact you to arrange the time and date that suit you according to your location.

One to one consultation is a relaxing way of receiving a reading but in this busy world not always convenient. Thanks to modern technology mainly the internet; is is not the only way. With a one to one reading you meet me in person and of course you can record the session on your phone. There is also the option of being able to bring a family member or friend along or double up readings or for company.

Taster parties have been a sell out for years and are popular for a taster of what I can do. This then allows the seeker the option of booking a longer session in the future should they wish. For parties of seven, 6 guests get a 30 minute reading at a charge of £30 per person. The 7th being the host/hostess who goes free.

Having a psychic at your wedding has become popular especially during the photo shoots or when the wedding party has finished all the speeches or the band is setting up. Should you wish Psychic Sybella to dress up accordingly she will. There are wedding leaflets available for options on your request and three reviews of previous weddings Sybella was hired for on this site.