We are all One, only our Egos, Beliefs and Fears Separate Us

“Hello and welcome to Psychic Sybella”

Have you ever wondered how Psychics, Clairvoyants and Mediums work?It’s all very well receiving messages from beyond but would it not be nice to know where and how these messages come through.

We are all connected, everything in the universe is connected; it is only our Ego that stops our 6th Sense working, this 6th Sense being our intuition which so many of us ignore due to our Ego.

Energy is the key word here! Atoms, Molecule’s, Particle’s and Matter to name but a few examples. We use and accept Electricity, Internet, Gas. TV the Radio and more, yet we cannot see any of them!

Psychic’s (6th Sense) which we all have, is like this. Think of it as tuning in your Radio or TV to Medium Wave or Long Wave and different channels to receive the news, can’t see it can you? Yet you hear it and utilize it daily.

Energy! This is how your loved ones and spirit guides connect through a Psychic.

They are in a different dimension and in a different energy format, such as Orbs or moving objects and other apparition’s. So they utilize people like myself to tune in and pass on the news.

Weather this is through Tarot Cards, Crystal Ball, images in the mind or empathy feelings or Mediumship it is all done through energy.

I hope this helps the reader and non-believers to understand.

Enjoy my site and I look forward to meeting you.

Kind Regards