In recent years Sybella discovered her name means ‘Prophetess’.
However! by the age of eight she became quickly aware of what what the word ‘Prophetess’ meant and how different she was from other kids her age and how different her life from others would be.
At the age of eight on the way to primary school one morning she told her Father that this lady kept coming into her bedroom during the night and would sit on her bed and stroke her hair.
After many complaints and wanting to sleep in with her sister; her Father pointed out, “Sweetheart! the dead can’t hurt you”. So from here the fear from the unknown stopped and her understanding and spiritual development began.

Born under the Zodiac sign Aquarius Sybella is straightforward and honest as well as compassionate and understanding. Sybella’s abilities allow her to make an instant connection with you, your guides and loved ones. As your psychic consultant she is able to connect with your past, present and future energies in order to bring you understanding and direction in all areas of your life.
She will guide you through all of the ups and downs and give you the sense that you are speaking with a long time friend.
Sybella has attention to detail making every reading individual and different, no two readings are ever the same; as such the aim is to exceed the expectation of every seeker and their personal experience.

Today she holds a Degree in ‘Mental Health and Social Care’ and a various certificate’s in ‘Combined Therapeutic Counselling & Spiritual Life Coaching’.
Sybella has had articles in Spirit & Destiny & Faith and Fortune magazine and is in the process of writing her first book ‘You need locking up’.
Sybella has read for celebrities and has been hired for actors weddings such as ‘ as such Sybella considers herself to be a ‘Professional International Medium and Spiritual Consultant and Life Coach.

“Psychic Sybella Uniting the two Worlds”